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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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government. a lot of that is [inaudible] a survey said housing prices are too high and that is a negative factor on recruitment. i thought, maybe we can bring the prices down. foreclosure works magic. i do not think you want that. you want rising wealth which could translate into a rising houses -- housing prices. you can increase density and breakdown similar rules, you get more people. there's a lot of things. as i drove down here from oakland cut -- oakland, i saw those cars in the ordinary lanes. one person per car. you have this one person with
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all this steel and plastic and oil. it is ridiculous. we're figuring out ways to do that. whether it is high speed rail or electric cars. the first will be rolling off the factory in treatments in the next few months -- in three months and in the next few months. yes, the innovative companies are small. the electric cars -- the tanks are small but so is fairchild or in tal or hewlett-packard -- intel or hewlett-packard or steve jobs. the seats we plant brings the vast forests of new products and new technologies and new patents in the future. that is where we have to -- we have to keep our eye on the main thought here. that is the discipline, the imagination, and the investment.
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that is what makes california -- that is why people are still coming here. they're not staying in colorado, i am sorry to say. they're right here. [applause] >> just briefly, setting aside plunder for a moment. >> i am sorry about plunder. it is a big part of wealth creation. >> could you talk briefly about your turn initiative? >> it is going well. mike rossi is leading the charge. i have met with what i think will be the next president of china. we have delegations from china to come here. we're sending delegations there. this is not just business as usual. we're getting detailed committees and proposals, a couple of the key states.
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we want good coming this way. we want good going out way. -- goods coming this way and we want goods going out that way. >> are you doing anything like that? >> we have been working on the north-south access. we have a biannual that denver works on that brings people together for cultural, business, intellectual exchange and focuses on mexico and chile and brazil. one of the great things we're missing right now, it is part of the root of this mess about it -- immigration. our partners are right there. those old movies where people -- there was the girl next door, and the hero tries to fall in
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love with some likely candidates. she turns out to be loyal and ticks down her hair and -- takes down her hair and glasses. that is mexico. brazil and you'll get all those countries, we have to go look at china. we have to reach out to india. i went down to mexico on an economic development mission and was the first governor to go there in four years from any state. we're missing a tremendous opportunity. >> thank you. governor brown, i'm sure you know that on any given day, people from other states are knocking on doors of co's in the valley and trying to get them to expand in other states or move to other states. someone in this room may have engaged in that. >> they cannot all expand in california. we are try to help california.
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quex their offering tax breaks. >> we are not offering a break. >> not only you. what do you say to the ceo's? what are you trying to do it? what are two or three things you are doing to keep companies here? >> we take specifics. i met yesterday with the representative of nissan and they're very interested and supportive of the installation of high-speed chargers throughout california. we have a plan, criticized by some but nevertheless, well funded by a legal settlement of $100 million. to get these charging stations in throughout the bay area and down the coast to los angeles. they sold 5000 electric cars and
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they want to keep expanding. problem, permits. some people are making it hard, some cds are making it too difficult to get these charging stations up and running. we will deal with that city by city and we will have success. secondly, the utility's charge various fees to set up and provide the electricity. we want to make sure that it is cost recovery and to not be unreasonable. we meet with them if their problem and we react. through the public utilities commission, through local regulation, we react and try to do everything we can to solve problems. if you are talking about deals like if you come to california, we will pay 7000 for any job, we have a little bit of that but it is hard to pay people for their
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business activities. we do not have enough money. they're doing that all over the state. cutting deals. we are doing that in some respects. it is our race. how does michigan spent so much subsidy attracting -- michigan is not doing that well. you have some money but what about other things to invest in and take care of? we want to make our regulatory climate more transparent. we have a long way to go. we are open and ready to go. there is a lot of people who want to keep the regulation complicated or make it worse. it is -- this could be something, you have to fight and crush opposition to change regulations. it is not a paper exercise. it is a contact sport. you have to understand that.
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the world is like that. we look for things and wherever we can, will do it. it is very hard to cut people a tax break. we have been in the hole for 10 years. i think you have to cut and find more revenue. there are various ways to can do that. we are a high-cost state. america is a holocaust -- a high-cost country. that is why, that is the way the world this. we're 4% of the world. an aging 4% with an emerging from a powerful china and india and brazil and other countries. we have to be smart to be competitive by lowering people's wages for reducing various benefits, that is problematic.
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the ceo's do not say you have to reduce my salary. what about for the secretary or the janitor, the person at the front desk, or the computer pro career? we have a balance here. you pull over here and push over there. we will do our best and we cannot always beat texas. you can go to arizona and do your work out of there. a lot of people still move to silicon valley because of the synergy of so many bright people. if you can get the right people, get that cleaned up so we can bring smart people here and keep them here, we will keep adopting the game. [applause] >> governor hickenlooper, this
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is your chance. you have here a room full of silicon valley executives. what do you say to them to get them to expand or move to colorado? >> can governor brown leave the room for a minute? >> i am a great believer that luring companies from one state to the other does not help the country. i think it is a race to the bottom. as the governor would say. it is useful for us to be as relentlessly pro-business as we can. we're very focused on education and we want to be the no. 1 state for solving this riddle that this country has become from being the no. 1 public education nation to one in the bottom half. we know the things -- at risk
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kids are coming from difficult neighborhoods and often broken families, they need a longer school day. that is nothing new there. there's another way to do that without spending a bunch of money. you can get your teachers union to agree to stagger the school day. some teachers come in early and you have study hall, some come in later and you have sports after school. there is a bunch of ways to address education. great teachers more than parent involvement or anything, you put a great teacher in front of a kid, they work miracles. i think our goal is to say that we're going to fix education. we're working statewide to begin to implement. we do not want them filling out multiple choice tests but you have to measure the effectiveness of a teacher. our goal is sitting down with the union and having them at the table to say, how do you help us figure out, i was a geologist. i thought i would be a great geologist. i got laid off.
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i would still be a geologist. it turned out i was not that good a geologist. not too much fun to say but the facts are the facts. i was 20 times better running restaurants that i was a geologist. i had a much happier -- i tell a lot of my friends by not being willing to allow natural turnover, competition and success, it you are condemning 15 or 25% of the teachers to not fighting the joy they should have the opportunity to find. those kinds -- that will be the real competition. silicon valley will be here forever. governor brown is right. this crucible of creativity and talented share will continue to create companies that are correct again. the immigration issue to making sure that smart calendar people can stay here.
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as a nation, we should be competing. where is the best place for the next generation of entrepreneurs? the governor was saying california has -- has this forest of productivity. perhaps colorado is the way that california was 25 years ago. the cost of living is less expensive. all these people want to be here the way they wanted to be in california 25 years ago. maybe that natural competition is healthy and different states competing and try to be a place for we solve education and health care, and entrepreneurs who want to raise a family. if we're good enough at that, that is where ceos will want to expand. when they acquire a business, they want to put a division there. we have all these businesses and they got gobbled up by california companies. in most pates -- places, they keep their large workforce and a
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large group of people in colorado or texas or work in. our focus is how to excel rate that and have more of those entrepreneurs in colorado and have them stay. the old chinese proverb that one is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. the second-best is tomorrow. or today. now that i think of it. if you use these proverbs, you have to get the right. i think that our goal in colorado is to go out and say we're not going to try to offer corporate headquarters. if someone wants to come around and -- for we get 94 out of 100 votes to pass. we're working together with the teachers' union. we want to see it in colorado. what we want to do is create a competitive and ferment over the
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whole country where we're trying to accelerate these entrepreneurs. >> this has been delightful. what a wonderful conversation. thank you both. i cannot think of two better governors. >> thank you. what a great job you did. [applause] >> governor brown, governor hickenlooper, please do not leave the stage. innovation is not popular in government. i did not get the nickname governor moonbeam by being conventional. we were give reminded that the best time to invest, 20 years ago, second best time, today. what great leaders, both of these dynamics state's half. we wanted to thank you both with just a small token of our
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appreciation and our deep appreciation as well to barbara of the san jose "mercury news." i know you cannot accept gifts. >> i would want to report that. >> we're hoping that sutter can accept a gift, the first dog. governor? [applause] and governor hickenlooper, your dear friend and our dear friend, dan gordon could not be here but we wanted to make sure you enjoyed his borough -- brew. >> as i have many times before, let me assure you. [applause] >> our photographer would like
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to get your photos. >> with or without the kibble? >> all right. >> thank you for being here. i want to thank the young people for being here, because you are the future.
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there are going to be things in this building and you are going to see that are not normal in those buildings yet. they are cutting edge, but by the time it you are my age, everybody is going to have this stuff, and you will be some of the first to see it. it is great to have you here. really quickly, this is a building we are proud of, because this is really who epitomizes the value in san francisco. it uses a third less power than a normal office building. it saves money. i want to kick it off by introducing the mayor over his career he has have so many different figures on this building from being the
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administrator to being the mayor, so this is a welcome thing. phyfe good morning, everybody -- >> good morning, everybody. i have got the same eyes as you today. this is the first time i have stepped into this building as well. everything you see is going to be the same as for me. i am going to last questions, -- to ask questions, and i am going to try to figure out where this water comes from. i am going to have the same questions as you have because i am excited about this building, and i am thankful to the public utilities commission, to the wonderful staff, and the others on the team. i am thankful to the commission as well that they have been guiding this process. some years ago when i was an
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attorney, i was working on this side. this used to be the site of the workers' comp hearing room, and i had to go to court to represent workers who were injured, and over the years the state abandoned it. it became an abandoned site. and we were a little embarrassed because we did not know how to deal with it for years, and the idea came from others. after so much effort, why don't we stop paying rent for all the offices? why don't we consolidate but of the same time use our devolved intelligence about building the greenest building weekend, -- we
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can? we are one of the green is buildings in the country. this is the only building that is going to reuse its waste water. it is creating energy by wind and by solar on the roof in very large amounts that will have the design and now working with the contractors. good i want to thank n d for his wonderful construction capabilities, and because they house accepted a design and all the challenges that go with it to build if the right way. they use special concrete. they were to make sure air flow can reduce the amount of air conditioning we see in many of buildings, and it is terrain high use of energy for the system to work, but the air flow
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so that 20 or 30 years down the road when we are redoing these floors, we will be able to do it in a much more efficient manner. in fact, this building saves the puc and the city's $500 million over the next 100 years. that is great because the puc exists because of ratepayers. they want to see the smartest technology. gerd they want to see a building that not only houses 900,000 employees but also those that are smart handling a strong interest in making sure we continue maintaining a water system. not only is it a great building. this is for you. this is a building that educates
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you and your families for generations to come. how we take care of our water system and how we maintain the system not just for san francisco insert but for the people who depend upon a national water system and maintain it and spent a lot of money making sure it is earthquake safe. this building is also going to be the safest building to be in in case there ever is an earthquake event, and we are doing that with our libraries, our civic buildings, and we will build new buildings, and we want to make sure it will withstand. if you are in buildings, it is going to rock a little bit, but
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it will be saved. i was here over a year-and-a- half ago, and we were across the street and putting on the last dream, and we were already excited to see how this would come out, and every floor has special things, and it is using all of our artwork, so you can see the ninth art work. they are displayed to make it a good working environment. the other part and we are so proud of is working with all the subcontractors, 40% of all the work force until this building and designed its are san francisco residents commo, so we honoring our critical goal for the jobs we want.
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we have honored the union and labour to make sure it happened the right way, so this represents so much of the good things we have always wanted out of our public buildings and construction company, and i want to congratulate dpw, our public utilities commission and staff, contractors, community of arts programs, other agencies working in with this, and our vendors, whether they are contractors or the other businesses that help with the video and electronics and this building to make it not only modern but technologically updated so four years you're going to be able to see the whole hetch hetchy water system displayed for our kids and future families but also to use it in every day technology for
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communications. this is more than just a building. it is a demonstration of what we can do when we work together to put the goals of the greenest and most modern and technology in blessing with what the public utilities commission does for a city, and that is to take care of our own water and infrastructure and waste water. congratulations for a wonderful effort, but congratulations for a building i know you were involved in every part of this, and it is a great way to really have a wonderful legacy you have high. congratulations to you. [applause] >> thank you, merely. when you said you had not been inside this building, you could give the tour. one thing i would like to point out is david is back there.
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they are the designers of this building, so much of the credit also goes to david. there are two other people. we will mention a lot of names, but we have the project managers. [applause] to start the tour, you know where our water comes from? the answer is hetch hetchy. everybody who comes into our building will not be as smart, so we have done a teaching also about when children and parents come into this tobin they can learn about the system through this teaching wall. i am asking you to turn on the walnul that shows
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you can see that it comes down to the central valley and produces energy on the way. it has a variety of customers in the southern part of the area. you'll notice it is interactive. you can learn as you walk around the ramp, the kind of things. it goes from blue kite to purple plaid and that represents the waste water. we call this from snowfall to
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out all. do you know what happens when you flush a toilet? where does the water go? the water goes to the treatment plant. that will not be the case in this building. it would be a different experience because they would be reusing the water on site here.